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Pure Word Ministries International Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ, is a local multifaceted community ministry of Hope, Love and Deliverance, which began in January of 2003 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and reorganized and established in July of 2005, in Chester, Pennsylvania. Pastor J.D. Martineau and Lady Rhonda Martineau was led to a house located at 3418 N. 19th Street in North Philadelphia, PA, which had been previously converted into a place of worship.

From 2003 to 2005, comminuting over 180 plus miles a week, the ministry conducted several extensive and successful outreach efforts and secured the 501 (c) (3) nonprofit statice from the IRS; assisted two sister ministries in fund-raising to purchase and enhance facilities for worship; ministered to the needy during the holiday seasons by giving food baskets and more than 300 toys; launched a new ministry website ( birthed a new local radio broadcast and conducted summer community cookouts, just to name a few.

Despite major setbacks and disappointments along the way, God has highly favored this ministry, people within the congregation and outside of the congregation are being blessed, souls are being added to the kingdom of heaven, and the ministry is making exceptional progress, with great determination to “DRIVE AND GO FORWARD.”

January of 2005, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, following the wisdom of the proverb that says “charity begins at home” the pastor and remaining disciples of the ministry officially relocated to Chester Pennsylvania.

May of 2005, the ministry name was officially changed to coincide with the fresh vision and new attitude of the ministry. Placing all focus upon Exalting the Pure Word of God and the Deliverance of all mankind.

At the direction of the Holy Spirit, the leaders opened their home on the east side of Chester for Wednesday night Bible Study. The first night all seats and the floor were fill. Over the next 6 weeks gathering continued, and without looking for a location for worship, the storefront at 2228 W. 9th Street, became available.

September of 2005, was the day the Chester location was born. PWMI along with well-wishers, marched into their new home, located at 2228 W. 9th Street, Chester, Pennsylvania, “The Little Brown Box” a facility that held only 45-50 people, jam-packed. There the congregation tripled in size. This is a continuation of Pastor Martineau’s God-driven, life-long quest to address the economical, educational, and spiritual needs of the community.

In less then a year, August of 2006, a new facility (in the same block) was secured at 2216 W. 9th Street. The new tabernacle provided more space to praise the Lord with a setting capacity of 110 and more comfortable amenities. While housed at the new tabernacle, the congregation continued to grow and mature.

May of 2008, the congregation purchased its present location, the former Holy Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, founded in 1942 by the late Minister Wallace E. Young.

The vision that God has infused into the heart, mind, soul and spirit of Pastor Martineau, as their part in the community of the city of Chester include: a Narcotics Reform Center, Crisis Centers for Abused Women & Men, Safe Haven & New Start Rehibilatation House for Homeless Men, a Multi-Purpose Facility (with several separate areas) to house the Golden Age Senior’s Program, The King’s Table Feeding Program, Toiletry and Clean Clothing Distributions, Youth Activities, and Educational & Life Skills “The Job Search Headquarter” & Training Center.

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